Emilie Faith’s Original Brand

We worked with Emilie Faith on her wedding photography rebrand, transforming her messaging, logo, and website.

We designed Emilie’s original branding back in 2020 when Trio Creative Studios first started. Emilie’s original brand was reminiscent of all things groovy, seventies, and bright. The thick, curvy letters and bright yellow logo we created for Emilie pay homage to the decade while creating a brand that felt fun and approachable to her clients.

During that former season of her business, the approachability and creativity drew new clients to her growing brand. Emilie was the queen of experimentation, always attending and creating styled shoots and playing around with different editing styles.

Emilie Faith’s Updated Branding

After three years of this experimentation, Emilie’s style matured into what it is today. When she returned for a rebrand, we wanted to create something that was reflective of her refined, cinematic style.

Instead of twinkly stars and chunky letters, her new logo sports a simple serif font paired with a custom cherub illustration. This immediately elevated her entire look, making it appear more luxe, artistic, and high-end. The cherub illustration was central to Emilie’s brand story, symbolizing romance and faith.

Her new color palette is muted and earthy. This is pairs well with the colors that you see in so many of her images.

Emilie’s shooting style is raw, honest, and emotive. A quick scroll through her portfolio and you’ll see why she’s known for her flash portraits. They’re incredible. We were sure to emphasize this speciality on her website with a dedicated spot just for these stylized pics.

Instead of run-of-the-mill paragraphs that explain the process of photography, we infused Emilie’s personality into each section.

At the end of the project, Emilie had completely new messaging, an entirely updated logo, illustration, and brand visual suite, and of course, a high-performing website.

Below you’ll see the suite of logos, illustrations, and brand visuals we created for Emilie’s wedding photography rebrand:

To experience Emilie’s website for yourself check it out here: EmilieFaithPhoto.com.

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