So many photographers want to start a blog for the SEO boost, and while it’s true that blogging can help you rank higher on google, there are wayyy more benefits to blogging than just better search optimization.

The truth is, starting a blog for your photography business can help you build a stronger connection with potential clients, speed up your workflow, & distinguish you in the saturated photography industry.

Here are our six favorite reasons *beyond just better SEO* why we think you should add a blog to your photography site and embrace it as part of your marketing plan:

Your best content is online forever

Whereas Instagram takes constant upkeep to stay relevant and appease the algorithm, your blog posts can serve you long-term. Including evergreen blogs, or blogs that contain content that will be relevant to your business long-term. You can link to these blogs over and over and use them to serve your audience.

You won’t have to retype things again & again

If you are constantly getting asked the same questions about your process, you can create a blog post to answer it. Then you can link clients to blog posts to answer their questions in a professional way. This serves two functions:

  1. It shows your audience you’re an expert that can anticipate their needs.
  2. It speeds up your workflow and stops you from having to retype the same lengthy replies.

You’ll be known for your storytelling

Adding a storytelling edge to your business helps you stand out in the sea of photos. Give your audience a reason to connect to your photos through storytelling that captivates and excites them.

There is so much room for adding captivating anecdotes to your blog. You can tell stories about the weddings you’ve photographed, the couples who have made you laugh the hardest, or the brands you helped bring to life through photos. Your creativity here is what will make the stories magnetizing and memorable.

You’ll have a content roadmap for Instagram

Now instead of staring at your Instagram grid feeling clueless about what to post, you’ll have stories to pull from to create compelling posts without the hassle. If you are looking for a great content repurposing strategy, writing a long-form blog first and then breaking it into multiple instagram posts is a great beginner strategy.

You can nurture vendor relationships

Blogging about other vendors you’ve worked with (prop stylists, venues, florists, etc.) shows you advocate for others in your industry and want to help others thrive. This generous energy is almost always rewarded with friendships and referrals.

If you’re curious about what adding a blogging strategy could look like for your photography business, book a free call with us so we can chat about a custom plan for you.