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Blogging allows you to share stories, which are proven to boost connection and conversion, allowing you to serve both your audience and your bottom line.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with blogging ideas to keep your website fresh, this post is for you.

Below are 52 blog posts ideas for wedding photographers. We recommend posting once a week and tracking your metrics on google analytics in the process so you can make tweaks to content as needed.

Photography Planning

Ensure your clients feel incredibly supported by you with educational blog posts that help them secure the shots they’re after.

  • First look magic: the exact steps for creating your most unforgettable moment
  • How I craft a wedding photography timeline from start to finish
  • Structuring the perfect shot-list for your wedding day
  • 3 unexpected things you should bring to your wedding venue
  • Choosing the right amount of photography coverage for your wedding day
  • How to set a photography budget for your wedding day
  • Your complete wedding day photo-prep checklist
  • How I capture crystal clear photos of your wedding rings
  • What I pack in my camera bag: A BTS look at everything I bring to photograph weddings

Venues & Location

Want to show your clients you can help them find the perfect location for their session? Maybe encourage them on their venue selection? Show off past wedding venues and engagement locations to inform, inspire, & excite.

  • 5 of the best spots to take wedding photos at [popular venue in your city]
  • 15 perfect places to propose in [your city].
  • The best photoshoot locations in [your city] if you love [your style].
  • 3 incredible backyard weddings to inspire your budget-friendly big day

Choosing Your Photographer

The truth is, hiring a photographer is about so much more than just the photos. Walk potential clients through exactly what matters when it comes to hiring the documenter of their day.

  • How to choose the best wedding photographer for your relationship
  • 5 questions you must ask your potential wedding photographer
  • 9 must-have’s for hiring a wedding photographer you and your guests will love
  • Choosing the wedding photography style that’s right for you

Proposals & Engagements

Guide clients through planning their proposal and perfecting their engagement session with specific blogs that help them execute things more easily.

  • 12 uncommon ideas for great engagement pictures in [your city.]
  • Engagement photoshoot survival guide: what to bring, wear, & expect
  • My top tips for planning your surprise proposal in [your city].
  • What to wear to your engagement session: your guide to a perfect photoshoot
  • Planning killer outfits for your couples session
  • 5 things to bring to your outdoor engagement session
  • My 3 steps for photographing an engagement session

Wedding Planning

Give clients wedding ideas and tips to show them you support them in all areas of their big day. Be sure to include your gorgeous photos alongside each, to drive home the value of hiring a professional photographer to capture all their moments, both big and small.

  • Creative centerpiece ideas for your wedding reception
  • 4 creative alternatives to guest books for your wedding day
  • 10 uncommon wedding guest favors available on Etsy
  • Intentional & heartfelt ideas past couples have added to their wedding
  • The best stationary shops if you want wedding invites your guests won’t ever want to throw away
  • 10 tips to write emotive vows that will spark great photos

Creative Photography Ideas

Add something fun, fresh, and personal by giving your audience more exciting ideas to spice up their gallery.

  • Engagement photo ideas for the creative couple
  • Creating wedding portrait ideas to try on your big day
  • 3 Creative portrait ideas to try this [current season] wedding season.
  • Try THIS if you want your photographer to get incredible invitation and ring photos
  • 22 of my favorite intentional & heartfelt details past couples added to their wedding day

Trends & Getting The Most Out of Your Experience

Are there particular wedding trends you can’t get enough of? Maybe some sweet little details you’ve added to your process to extra excite your clients? This is where we’ll dive into topics like these.

  • 6 trends wedding photographers are loving right now
  • THIS is how to ensure you love your wedding photos
  • 14 tips to ensure you fall in love with your wedding photos
  • 10 things to avoid on your wedding day if you want incredible photos
  • What to do if you have major photoshoot jitters
  • The sweetest bridal portrait trends of [current year].
  • Wedding Regrets: avoiding the mistakes past couples have made

Wedding Vendors

  • The best wedding florists we’ve collaborated with in [your city]
  • 8 of my favorite wedding vendors to work with in [your city]
  • 10 best [wedding vendors] in [your city] if you want a dreamy wedding day
  • Our favorite wedding planners in [your city] if you love a [your style- vintage, boho, modern, etc.] style.
  • Want great dance floor pics? Hire of these [your city] DJs to get the party started
  • My 4 favorite videographers to collaborate with in [your city.]

Printing & Displaying Photos

  • Favorite unconventional ways for displaying photos
  • Top tips for getting your photos printed into incredible keepsakes
  • Professional Prints vs. Kiosk Photos: What’s the difference?
  • The coolest photo products in my print shop this season

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