There’s certainly no shortage of advice on the importance of acing your message online. When your business has a clear message, your audience trusts you to solve their specific problem. A clear message can single handedly connect you to the right people for your business and get them interested in learning more. (And when you pair that with design? Woah baby, your brand becomes an entire powerhouse.)

Let’s chat about six common misconceptions when it comes to getting clear on your message as a photographer so you can avoid the pitfalls and leverage what’s proven to work.

MYTH: I don’t need to hire a copywriting or messaging expert because it’s obvious what photographers do.

FACT: Messaging strategy extends far beyond “what you do”. It’s an exact blueprint for what distinguishes you, how to talk about your offers, & why you’re the obvious choice in your industry. It creates instant connection with your audience so they feel like they know you before they even work with you.

Remember: Nailing your message as a photographer is one of the most underrated things you can do. Distinguishing yourself in a saturated industry will result in more aligned clients inquiring through your site.

MYTH: I’m a good writer so I can write good website copy.

FACT: Writing website copy that results in more clicks, conversions, and sales is a specific skill that takes years of refining, practice, and study. We wish it were as easy as being a great speller or knowing the mechanics of sentence structure, but it requires being as skilled in brand positioning and strategy as you are with writing words that pursuade and sell.

Remember: Working with a pro ensures your website words are getting the most bang for their buck.

MYTH: You should use detailed and specific language if you want to be seen as an expert.

FACT: Clarity sells. Using simple, easy-to-follow language shows your audience you understand the topic well enough to break it down for them.

Remember: If your audience can’t quickly understand exactly how you can make their lives better, they’ll click away.

MYTH: Your website words need to sound catchy and fun if you want to sell.

FACT: Your brand tone can surely be witty, fun, and approachable if that suits you. But matter-of-fact, poised, and refined brands sell just as well so long as their message is clear and relatable.

Remember: Clear is more important than catchy.

MYTH: If I do my messaging myself I’ll save money in the long-run.

FACT: Copywriters are experts in crafting messaging that your audience will instantly resonate with and click on. This can drastically increase conversions and sales. While it may be tempting to DIY your words, you’ll likely leaving thousands upon thousands in sales on the table.

Remember: Nailing your message as soon as possible is key to your brand’s longevity.

MYTH: I need to switch up my message to keep things fresh!

FACT: Repetition is a key ingredient in sales. Your audience needs to see your message on average 7 times before they decide to purchase from you. When you repeat the same, simple message over and over it clicks in peoples’ minds and they begin to resonate with your brand on a deeper level. From there, they’ll make informed purchasing decisions.

Remember: Repetition sells. Don’t be afraid to repeat your message across all your marketing.

Copywriting is an investment that will take your business from struggling to stand out to SOLD OUT.

If you want support in crafting a message for your photography brand that will position you as the go-to photographer for *super aligned* clients, explore our custom copywriting package Copy that Clicks, or reach out via our contact form for a personalized quote on your project.