Trio has never had business cards.

They’re the most classic marketing collateral and we preach branding your business at all consumer touch points, but business cards just seemed like a waste of good design. 

They fall in between couch cousins and get lost underneath piles of mail. They make your wallet clunky and clutter your desk.

Plus, who ever has easy access to the business card they need when they are actually ready to commit to doing business? We can’t recall a single time this has happened to us.

We hated the idea of spending a lot of time designing a business card, only to have it get tossed in a landfill and generate no actual business. 

Of course, we want to scale Trio and boost brand awareness, but we didn’t like the ultra-traditional route of doing so. 

So what do we do when someone asks for a business card or seems interested in learning more about Trio?

What do we do to stay top-of-mind with potential consumers?


To us, stickers are the perfect way to get our name out there, stay memorable, and keep people excited about our company. 

People keep stickers. They are free advertising and a fun mini-gift. Plus, they are so much more memorable than a generic business card with your email and facebook info. 


If you’re like us, stickers that simply spell out our business name work wonders because our social media handles and URL (@triocreativestudios / are identical to our business name. 

Our favorite stickers are the Kiss-Cut Stickers from Sticker Mule

You can business info to the non-sticky part and include a peelable sticker within the design. This is a seriously memorable business card alternative. 

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