We are so excited to share that March 16th, 2023 marks 3 years in business. (Eeeek!)

To celebrate, we scarfed down cookies the size of our faces and spent time reminiscing on all that’s happened in the past 3 years. Now that we’re full of sugar and nostalgia, we can get to the fun stuff. 

What we consider to be the biggest announcement in the history of our company:

Trio is officially niching down to serve photographers exclusively.

In our three years as a branding agency we’ve served over a dozen different industries including business coaches, barbers, florists, wedding planners, carpenters,  and social media managers.

We loved their projects soo much that niching down was difficult. 

But here’s the thing, friend: the direction we needed to head in became pretty dang obvious. 

The photographers we’re working with are getting absolutely jaw-dropping, gob-smacking, INSANE results.

This leads us to our list of alllll the reasons we’re niching down to serve photographers:

1. Now instead of just being an option for photographers, we can become the go-to

Experience leads to expertise. We’ve worked with dozens of photographers and have spent thousands of hours on their visual branding, messaging, and website development. We’ve learned how to combine proven methodologies in the photography industry with radical creativity to create something truly custom to Y-O-U.

So instead of going to a web designer and keeping your fingers crossed that they’ll get you, you can exhale knowing that you’ve found a studio that definitely does.

2. We are fully practicing what we preach: specialists > generalists

It’s nearly impossible to get people on board when your brand message is: we have something for everyone. It’s non-specific, boring, and quite frankly, not possible. How can you promise excellence if you’re promising to do everything? You can’t.

We’ve surely never claimed that we could do it all. Our message has always been about elevating small businesses’ online presence through brand design, copy, and websites. But we’ll be the first to admit that we were too vague about who we have the absolute best capacity to serve. 


3. We’ve helped more photographers than we can count go from side hustle to full time

Starting your photography business off as a side hustle is an awesome way to mitigate risk before you take the plunge into full time. We’ve helped several clients build safety nets so secure, it didn’t make sense for them not to go full time with photography. 

Want to be our next success story? Book a free call here to learn more about our design & messaging services for photographers.

4. Our photography clients are hitting 6 figures left and right.

Full disclosure– we’ve never been ones for vanity metrics, but we totally understand the desire to scale your business to more financial success than you saw in your 9-5. Clients who are employing our methodologies are booking more clients (or the same number of clients, but for more.) 

And we’re seeing it happen again and again. Why? Because when you boldly claim your place in the photography industry, clients can’t help but pay attention.

Regardless of whether or not 6+ figures is a goal for you, it’s amazing to know that branding is a proven tool you can rely on to help you scale.

5. Photographers are getting THE BEST results from visual branding that we’ve seen

If you’re a photographer you believe visuals matter. 

Imagine how confusing it is for a potential client to see a website with hacked together visuals.

The unfortunate truth: If you’re trying to sell your dream client on the importance of hiring a professional photographer for beautiful visuals, but your website design looks amateur, the mixed signals will leave your client confused and clicking elsewhere.

Luckily, the inverse is also true. Since visuals are so important in the photography industry, thoughtfully designed photography brands and websites reinforce every potential client’s desire: to get beautiful visuals from working with you because you have great taste & talent.

Is it time to ditch the mixed signals and opt for graphics that actually do your photos justice? Sign up for a free consult call to learn more about how our services will help you scale your photography brand the aligned way.

6. We’re extremely well-versed in the photography industry

No one wants to work with a service provider and feel like they’re the guinea pig. You want proven systems and methodologies that you know will work specifically for you and your photos. Take heart knowing you won’t have to explain raw images to us or give us the definition of golden hour. We speak your lingo because we’re lucky enough to work with photographers every single day. (Plus, Alli got her start as a brand and portrait photographer, making niching down to serve photographers a really cool full circle moment.)

7. Photographers are as different as jelly bean flavors

Isn’t it incredible how one jelly bean tastes exactly like a juicy pear and another feels exactly like you’re eating strawberry shortcake? Working with photographers is the same deal. Every photographer is actually wildly different. (And has something so wonderful to bring to the jellybean box. Minus the soap and sweaty socks flavors, we’ll leave those ones out.) 

Every brand project we do feels fresh, invigorating, and deeply individualized. We love this because if you know anything about us it’s that we hate being creatively drained.

8. Photographers have bomb personalities

Perhaps the most simple reason of all. We think photographers might just be our work soulmates. You’re a creative, open-minded, risk-taking bunch who believes in the importance of preserving memories through art. Sorry, how could we NOT want to be around that energy?

Niching down was not a decision we made overnight. But our massive client success, knowledge of the photography industry, and LOVE of working with photographers, made it the obvious choice as we move into our 4th year of business. 

Think we might be the agency for your photography biz? Sign up for a totally free consult call to learn more about our services.