There are no shortage of website platforms on the market and if you’re new to business, choosing which one to go with can feel daunting. 

Do you follow the crowd and go with Squarespace? Aim for great SEO and sacrifice design and sign up with WordPress? Go for the cheaper option and use Wix? 

We have a whole blog post comparing these platforms, but here’s the bottom line: Showit is the best (and our overall favorite) platform for boosted SEO and versatile, drop-and-drag design.

Making the switch is super easy

Many people think switching platforms is extremely daunting, but it doesn’t need to be.

You simply 1. Sign up for Showit 2. Request to transfer your domain (Showit experts will do it for you!) and 3. Get to designing. We have a whole Showit Template Collection with ready-made, designer-grade websites that you can add to your Showit account so you can launch your dream look quickly and easily. 

Let’s dive into the top reasons you should switch to Showit:

Killer SEO capabilities

Showit’s SEO is wildly impressive. Add keywords to your content to boost Google search ratings so dream clients can find you with ease.

WAYY more design options than the competition

For example…each Squarespace template has its own unique “DNA” that limits what you can do. This can be really frustrating because sometimes you don’t know what the limitations are until you commit and start editing. Showit has no such limit.

Easy to use drag-and-drop builder

Absolutely no coding, but limitless design capabilities? Sounds too good to be true. But it’s not. So much freedom with design without complicated coding to get you a top-tier design, faster.

Best customer service of any website platform

Message Showit directly for 1:1 website help from a real person. YAY! They are experts in all things editing and will help you troubleshoot with anything you need. While their first response will likely be to send you a help article or tutorial video, if you’re really stumped you can ask them to make the edit for you, and they are usually happy to help.

Complete mobile customization and optimization

Platforms like Squarespace don’t let you fully customize the mobile version of your website. This can be really frustrating because certain design elements need to be edited when they are on a smaller vertical screen as opposed to a larger horizontal one. Showit lets you FULLY customize your mobile site, so you can wow people no matter how they are viewing your website.

Integrates with WordPress blogging

For a while, everyone thought WordPress was the best platform because it has great SEO. But the truth is, that WordPress was just the first platform designed for bloggers. With Showit, you can integrate a WordPress blog so that you can the design power of Showit, with the SEO boost that WordPress provides. A total win-win that leaves traditional WordPress sites in the dust.

90% of our 1:1 clients have made the switch, and not one has regretted it. 

That’s because we walk all our clients (Both 1:1 clients & purchasers of our website templates) through the entire process of switching and editing in the Showit builder. You’ll never be left in the dark.

Ready to explore the easiest and most cost efficient way to launch your dream site? Explore our templates.